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Sunday, June 30, 2002


I have been musing about spiritual companionship lately. Assorted stimuli: The feast of the birth of the Forerunner this past Monday, at the opposite pole of the year from Christmas; Peter and Paul yesterday, whom we moderns hardly ever think of together, but previous eras certainly did; the office of Readings of late have featured selections on the Restoration of the temple and the city walls, by Zerubabel and Jeshua, Nehemiah and Ezra (including the vision of the two lampstands). There seems to be something fundamentally important in Old Testament Judaism about king and prophet (or ruler and priest) co-operating, yoked together as one. (Indeed, the true wickedness of Ahab is demonstrated when he calls Elijah “my enemy” and takes advice from Jezebel instead, unlike Saul and Samuel, David and Nathan, Solomon and ... well, that’s another problem.) There is a synergy in dyads that seems to be terribly important, somehow.
Consider also that the disciples were sent out two-by-two; that the apostles divide so smoothly and naturally into pairs; the recurring pairs of martyrs in the first centuries; that most founders or revitalizers of religious orders have a companion (often of the other sex): Benedict and Scholastica, Francis and Clare, Theresa and John, de Sales and de Chantal ... ; Bridegroom and Spouse.
There is something we seem to have forgotten, with our emphasis on the individual believer and on the faceless undifferentiated Body of Christ. We walk to God together, side by side (toward the Ark), with an other.

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