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Sunday, June 16, 2002


Interesting masses out-of-town this past week, two of them affected by the end of the school year (which is also why I was able to travel, of course.) At St James in Concord, NC, there was a brand new altar boy at 8 am – accompanied every step of the way by his anxious father. Apparently, he'd been in school on weekdays before now, and this was his first time solo without an older kid to follow along if necessary. (The gifts were carried up by another out-of-schooler, gently herded by her mother.) Nice to see kids involved, over the summer – especially these days.

St Andrew's in Roanoke didn't have a weekday mass – not when the school isn't in session. I was able to persuade someone from the parish office to let me into the incredibly beautiful church. Hope to worship there some day.

Holy Ghost in Knoxville – now there's an unexpected Catholic name – is an astonishment. Dark, heavy wood paneling and carved rafters, glass windows of all twelve apostles – with Irish and German donor names – and a huge wooden altar of Christ the King flanked by the four evangelists. I noticed they hadn't even taken out the altar rail – wonderful preservation impulse, I thought – and then we actually used it for communion. I haven't done that at a vernacular mass in ages. Does the Church in Knoxville know what a treasure they have, standing stalwart here in a decayed part of town where the renovations won't reach for at least another decade? I hope so.
They're only slightly below budget for the year, which is a good sign – but then All Saints in the suburbs, an also-lovely but utterly different church, is actually running a surplus for the year. How many churches are, these days?

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