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Thursday, July 11, 2002


Tony Pierce's slide show of baseball interruptus at the All Star game is wonderful (click through to see all the pictures), though a little hard on Bud the Clueless. (Or Hapless, per Sneaking Suspicions. Feckless is good, too. Maybe just Bud the Less.) But Selig - bad as he is - isn't the problem. As I've said before (including yesterday) he's just the front man for the Idiot Lords of Baseballâ„¢.
What is it that makes successful, presumably intelligent, businesspersons take leave of their senses when they pick up the reins of a sports franchise? The high-stakes focus on short-term performance relying entirely on the productivity of key employees? A history of bogus accounting practices rivalled only by the music and movie industries? A culture of dependency fostered by years of corporate welfare? Unacknowledged hatred for the athletes who used to mock them in high school (no owner since Connie Mack was ever a player)?
No one knows - but those of us who love the game have to endure it, the way we endure rainouts and season-ending injuries. Wait till next commissioner!

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