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Saturday, August 03, 2002


As the DLC ends its latest gathering in NY with a big boost for favorite daughter Hillary, it’s instructive to recall that, back when the Democrats were the majority party, one of their big events of the year was the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day celebration/fund-raiser. These days, there aren’t many Jacksonians left in the Democratic party – just Jeffersonian pacifist/isolationists and Wilsonian idealists. The Hamiltonians have been Republicans since the Gilded Age, although the he-Clinton tried to peel some away; the louder the old-style Dems scream about income disparity and corporate criminality, the more they reverse that (majority-building) trend. The last political realignment happened during Viet Nam, when Nixon succeeded in moving the Jacksonians to the GOP, especially post-Wallace, and Reagan solidified the transition. Today the two parties stand deadlocked with two core groups each, balanced at 50% plus or minus 1, fighting over an ever-smaller middle.

Nobody in the current crop of dwarves is likely to change that.

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