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Saturday, August 03, 2002


Our new pastor also came supplied with a new vicar - or one was assigned along with him. That's a relief - we had been a single-priest parish for the last few months, and that can be a difficult status to escape once it gets normalized. The new guy has been saying most of the weekday masses, nicely enough, but unfortunately he appears to have singing disease. Salve Regina as a recessional every day, but still ... this is not a good sign. This particular infection has already ruined one parish within walking distance for weekday mass for me; I'd hate to see another succumb.
I don't mind singing on Sundays, mind you; that's a part of the whole Holy Day experience. Nor even by myself, or in choir, if it's the psalm of the day or as part of one of the major Hours. But a hymn, soldiered through in the middle of the workday by a congregation so small that each willing voice is distinguishable? No thank you. (I'm not a rigorist here. I'll gladly trade a sung Alleluia for not having to hold hands during the Our Father, but that's a separate issue.)
Shawn Tribe points out (in a very different context) that the Orthodox have no concept of a low mass - every liturgy is sung - and there's something to that. But there's also something to the differentiation. I'm old-fashioned (or just old) enough to dress for Sunday mass; I don't for weekdays. Better, on weekdays I dress for the workplace, and do the necessary things to work mass into my schedule as a personally important part of a day occupied with something (and someone) else. I tithe my day - but the other 90% of the time I have other concerns. Having a low, song-less mass at midday alllows me to comfortably shift gears without running the risk of stripping them.

Of course, maybe I'm not supposed to be comfortable.

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