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Sunday, September 15, 2002


The feast of John Chrysostom on Friday and of Gregory earlier this month raise a question: how long has it been since a bishop was named out of a monastery? (Any bishop - much less the bishop of Rome.) How did it happen that entering the cloister came to mean not only leaving the world, but leaving the power centers of the Church? (Nobody from HR ever becomes CEO; nobody wearing a habit gets a chair.) Was it the Jesuits, pledging their loyalty directly to the pope rather than to the local see, breaking the links in that upward chain ... or something else?
I don't think this is a fix for the current culture of false shepherds, by any means. Vocations are down all over, and to religious orders most of all. And the good that flows into the world and throughout the Body of Christ from the continual unacknowledged prayers of communities of men and women - the crypturgy of the Church - is beyond calculation and even beyond our imagining and must not be put at risk. But I wonder if perhaps some years spent in silence and withdrawal might not be a better preparation for spiritual leadership than a history of successfully managing a parish.

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