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Monday, September 16, 2002


The texts selected for the Office of Readings have just moved into Esther. A fascinating story, on a number of levels. Two quick notes:

The banquet where Vashti showed up the king (by not showing up for display) happened in the third year of his reign; Esther moved into the palace as part of the successor sweepstakes in the seventh year. What all went on in the meantime? Anybody want to bet that Vashti went quietly, or was privately set aside?

In his bill of indictment to the king, Haman says Dispersed among ... your kingdom, there is a people living apart, with laws different from those of any other people ... They came by exile and forced repatriation rather than voluntary emigration, but that sounds suspiciously like unassimilated Muslims in the West, doesn't it? Okay, so a planned mass extermination was way over the top – especially when it started out as a personal grudge against the king's father-in-law – but doesn't a society have some stake in who does and doesn't want to be a part of it?

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