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Thursday, October 17, 2002


Bush is in downtown Atlanta today, so the Idiotarians are out in embarrassingly small force, blocking traffic and chanting political nursery rhymes, apparently under the impression that if they inconvenience people enough we'll see the error of our ways and support the costless and consequence-free withering away of the global economy and universal male violence. The signs and banners were typically clueless – No Blood for Oil, War is Terror, Bush = Dictator – although there was a lone Falun Gong supporter, silently bearing witness like Banquo at the be-in. All in all a revealing reminder that most Idiotarian accusations are projection, pure and simple, inversions of fact masquerading as clever unacknowledged truths. This isn't politics, it's petulance tinged with pathology.

I saw a couple of people I recognize from the local Quaker meeting – these at least I respect, because they are adults trying to live a supremely difficult counter-cultural existence, to be lambs in the midst of wolves, rather than spoiled children who romanticize or ignore the real wolves that exist and cry Oppression! at every frown of disagreement. But these, too, I find something against. Chesterton described heresy as "a fervent belief in part of the truth." These folk are very good at the innocent as doves bit, but don't seem to have much of a handle on wise as serpents. Not judging from what I saw today.

Update: There is a telling symbolism in the American Peace Flag that replaces the stars with a white peace symbol on a blue field. The red and white stripes of the long-legendary original thirteen remain, but the fifty states are gone – no more federalism or subsidiarity or local control, all to be done away with in reaching for a greater, overarching ideal. Which, like democracy in the New Disorder, will likely be more honored in theory than in pesky practice.

Noted without comment is another flagpole proudly flourished: UN blue at the top, and below it the American flag, upside down to signify distress. Of course.

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