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Thursday, October 10, 2002


I don't specifically celebrate the arrival of autumn - strange, in a way, because it's my favorite season. (Insert mortality joke here.) Part of the problem is that there's no holiday, either secular or religious, as there are for the other solstices. (Should the backformation for the singular be solstex?) Labor Day's too soon, like a two-minute warning for summer, and far less significant now that school starts in August; Columbus Day's too late, in addition to being non-PC. The church's options aren't much better: Holy Cross is a tad early and hard to get excited about, and Michaelmas is late and very out of fashion (as are non-saccharine angels in general.)

Instead autumn sneaks into awareness one step at a time. The first cool morning. Twilight coming sooner. The first day you wear a jacket. All day rains from fading tropical storms, and morning fog. The first night needing a blanket. The first time you notice the leaves.
The loss that ends baseball season. Sigh.

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