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Wednesday, October 16, 2002


Last night (for the feast of Theresa of Avila), I sang full vespers for the first time in a long while. My current schedule has me getting home late two nights a week – too late for anything more than a perfunctory check-in – and that change in the pattern has been carrying over to the other days, when I've been saying an abbreviated version (at best). And, of course, for the last few weeks I've been coming home and diving directly into playoff baseball - which is more a supplemental church than a rival one, though sometimes their observances conflict.

It's occasionally disheartening to notice how quickly and easily even long-established habits can fall apart from disuse, if not scrupulously and systematically maintained. The good habits, that is, the ones we want to keep. The unpleasant or destructive ones, the ones we'd just as soon see extinguish themselves, hang on like feeding parasites. Those we have to dig out and painstakingly uproot – and even then they come back, with seven others, once we've cleaned out our systems, unless we consciously fill the vacuum their absence creates with other, better patterns.
It doesn't seem fair. That's because life isn't.

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