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Friday, October 25, 2002


Not to put to fine a point on it, but are there any American converts to Islam who aren't nutjobs or felons? If you're out there, this would be a good time to speak up. (Apologists for barbarism, hold off for now.)

Of course, one of the Roman sneers was that Christianity was a religion for losers and slaves, and there's something to that - no one whose life is doing just fine tends to convert, to anything. (A current sneer, too.) But, per Paul, to become a Christian means to become a new person - to be (eventually) transformed into the Image of Christ by participation in the Body of Christ. I'm not aware that Islam specifically tries to change who you are - just what you do, and who you give allegiance/submission to.

I could be wrong. Speak up - please.

Update: Roy Innis is becoming concerned about the same thing. The quote:
"I'm not challenging a person's right to change from Catholic to Protestant, from Christian to Muslim to Jewish - I'm not challenging that ... But I am challenging whether these are in fact spiritually based conversions - or are they just convenient vehicles to express hostilities and sociopathic behavior."

Could conversion to Islam actually be an indicator of personal or social dysfunction?

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