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Sunday, October 13, 2002


Of course, one of the less pleasant aspects of autumn is that it's also stewardship time at church. I don't mind money talk from the pulpit; it's important, it's a necessary part of life; it's a measure of how faith manifests into action. But amounts and percentages are tough to do, especially when it's a one-way conversation.

Personally I'd love to give 1% of my income to the archdiocese. Unfortunately, in Atlanta (in part because it's a growth area and we have so many mission and subsidized churches, in part because we have lots of vocations and have to support the seminarians and the recruitment infrastructure – neither of which are bad problems to have) the central office assesses one dollar in three that goes into the collection plate. So to give 1% to the chancery, I'd have to cut my tithe back to 3%, of which the parish gets to keep 2. Not exactly what they had in mind when they came up with the contributory goals, I suspect. (It's actually even more complicated than that. There's an additional specifically diocesan pledge with parish targets set according to historical cash flows – any parish that doesn't meet its target has to make up the difference out of general revenues. So a 1% upward intention drops the overall down in the neighborhood of 2.8% or so.) Maybe what I object to is the ... let's call it lack of transparency. You know, all the stuff that's sinful and dishonest if corporations do it.

On the other hand: string quartet performances this afternoon (Mozart and Brahms) and home for high-intensity baseball tonight.
Life is good.

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