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Tuesday, October 08, 2002


Once again, the Braves have demonstrated that you can't win in the postseason if you can't get a two-out basehit – no matter how good your pitching is. We get it, guys ... you don't have to keep proving it year after year.

One run batted in, twelve left on base. Worse than that, two of the three losses came with the tying or winning run grounding into a game-ending double play, once by the three-hitter, once by the four. When are the Braves going to hire a hitting coach who gets the same support and attentive ears (and results and consequent camera-time) as the justly known Leo Mazzone?

Well, at least now I can root for a Cardinals-Angels matchup without guilt or distraction. St. Louis because they're a great organization, continually reinventing themselves as their personnnel changes; Anaheim because anybody who can make the Yankees look overmatched is okeydoke by me. Besides, the last red-on-red Series was in '75 - and that one was fun.

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