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Thursday, November 14, 2002


Were not ten healed, and only one has returned to give thanks to God?

This is a very tough text. The other nine lepers, presumably once-observant Jews, were doing exactly what Jesus told them to do. The Samaritan, the one for whom the Mosaic regulations in Leviticus about being cleansed from leprosy were meaningless (or unknown), broke off partway through the procedure and ran back. And he's the one who gets commended.
Go figure.

There are echoes, to me, of Abraham cajoling the Almighty about sparing Sodom: If there are only ten righteous, would you not spare the city? ... If only one returns, will you not heal all ten?
And also, oddly enough, of Job's message-bringers of disaster: I alone am escaped to tell you ...

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