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Tuesday, January 28, 2003


The homilist for the televised/webcast Passionist mass for this past Sunday [no permalink - from the homepage select Archives and then Sunday Mass - at least until February] made the comment that "The best policy for Homeland Security is for America to turn back to God, like Ninevah did at the preaching of Jonah." A statement that is striking, deeply true, and utterly trivial.

Because it's not going to happen. Oh, a remnant will, and has (and in them may rest our continuing, if partial, protection: I will not destroy Sodom if even ten righteous are found there – but that's a post for another time). But significant portions of the US, especially in the blue states, are quite adamant about the claim that this isn't a Christian nation. Not post-Christian, like Europe (yet), but non-Christian. And I can live with that. This isn't really home, after all – I have dual citizenship, in heaven and on earth.

Don't fear the one who can destroy the body only, but the one who can cast both body and soul into Gehenna. I like to think I could master the fear for the body, if it comes to that, but that's only for my own. Those of us with loved ones know that the thought of those bodies torn and bleeding is more than we can bear, and that those who would gladly do the tearing have to be stopped – along with their allies and enablers and cheering supporters and financiers. And that's the work of this-world, non-trivial Homeland security.

If God is for us, what can man do against us? Quite a bit, actually, even if it's only flesh that gets destroyed. While we're here, it matters, and we shouldn't let our knowledge that all this is passing away mean we let it be ripped away from us without a fight.

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