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Monday, January 27, 2003


This evening driving to mass (I had to work through lunch, so I couldn't do my usual noontime) I saw a gagglet of war protesters at the rush hour roadside. They probably scheduled to coincide with Blix's report, although I suspect there was less traction in that than they had hoped. Perhaps a dozen, with homemade "NBFO" and "Bomb Texas" signs, and two pre-printed, a white dove on blue, asserting War Is Not the Answer – which only makes me wonder what exactly these people think the question is. But well-behaved, in the presence of an impatient and unsympathetic audience, with no visible marks of anti-Semitism – to their credit. But what struck me was the weather: 38°, with wind chill into the 20s.
At least these folk have the courage of their delusions.

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