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Monday, February 10, 2003


A half-heard radio report this morning on a political satire currently on the boards in London, with such shockingly original caricatures as a US President who is (gasp!) a moron and a UK Prime Minister who is (g!) a poodle, whose diplomatic kabuki dance of the last year is really a headlong rush to (!?) nuclear annihilation – that last was a bit far-fetched even for the reflexively paranoid, so it is narrowly averted somehow ... perhaps by the strong voice of a clear-sighted playwright. (Perhaps not.)
A member of an American peace group who collectively went to see the play said he didn't find it at all offensive – likely because the author's preconceptions mirror and reinforce his own. A pity, really; I suspect the piece was intended to offend, but lacks the seriousness to accomplish the goal. Like most output from Artists Agin' War, it sounds deeply felt but shallowly thought. (Cleverness and thoughtfulness are not the same – a distinction that often eludes the clever.) But, the author defends, the role of Art is not to be logical or reasonable or rational; the role of Art is to be bold and brash and provocative.

Ah yes: the Role of Art™ is to be adolescent and irresponsible. And hence the Fate of the Arts is to be marginalized and irrelevant in the lives of the great majority of people. This isn't philistinism or suppression of dissent – it's the way of things.
If you resolutely follow your own path, it's fatuous to complain about the destination it leads you to. Don't come crying about how conceptually significant – or protected by the First Amendment – your little handbasket is. A vast gulf yawns between you ... and the rest of us.

I've got to stop waking up to NPR.

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