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Saturday, February 01, 2003


Saw David Gergen on Charlie Rose the other night, discussing Bush – and I heard the sort of adult, nuanced analysis of W. and his personal quirks (This is one of the most secretive White Houses in memory – they reflexively keep things close to the chest, and let information out in dribs and drabs) that needs to be in play, as we go forward in the battle of Iraq and its slow reconstruction and the next stages of the long war, through counterstrike and consolidation and strategic redeployment. A discussion utterly lacking in the public space, where Bush is either hysterically dismissed as moron or puppet or daddy's boy or corporate lackey, or backed uncritically.
This country's going to need an informed loyal opposition as the world changes over the next few years; it's too much to ask the right to have to come up with that, too.

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