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Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Something working at me since Monday's first reading:
It is common to explain away God's preference for Abel's sacrifice over Cain's by claiming that something was wrong with Cain's attitude. (Surely it's that, and not God's inexplicable preference for itinerant herders over settled farmers, or younger brothers over their elders.) But suppose that what was wrong with Cain's attitude is that he expected something in return for his offering, that he thought of worship as a contract and expected God to be fair, in terms humans can easily understand. Ah, but he isn't. Grace is, as the word implies, utterly gratuitous and undeserved. The wind blows where it will. As He wills.

Suppose further that it was Cain who was the Beloved, the First (ever!) born, who consciously if uncomprehendingly rejected the chastisement that God bestows on those whom he loves; who had his father's way with not answering a direct question; whose consequential judgement is to wander the earth unwelcomed, more worried about his safety than about his separation from God.

Whose actions made Eve, mourning Abel, the mother of all the living and of the dead.

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