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Sunday, April 27, 2003


Happy Easter to all. He is risen, indeed.

Sorry for the lack of postings of late - I had a major system crash, and lost all internet access for a few days (not to mention most of what was current on my hard drive. Everything finished was competently backed-up, but everything in process was lost. I may have to rethink my policies here.)

So as I slowly rebuild my desktop and assorted functionalities over the next few weeks, an Eastertide question:

We all know what we gave up for Lent, because it was often foremost in our minds, beyond even the season itself. But what are you adding to your usual life to celebrate that it's Easter?

Since so much of my Lenten discipline was dietary, I plan to eat dessert every day for fifty days, no matter how tough that gets. No cross, no crown.

He is risen indeed.

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