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Tuesday, April 01, 2003


More on the prodigal's brother (I didn't expect this to become a Lenten theme for me):

A possible reason for the elder brother's behavior is that it can be easier for us to forgive those who have directly harmed us – which of course we are explicitly required to do – than to forgive those who primarily have harmed themselves. Whether through potential squandered or opportunities lost, by foolish or indulgent choices or no choices at all, the sheer waste offends us – especially those who never had such opportunities to throw away. It's not ourselves we're offended for – but for the order of things, for what's right, for what should have been.

It can be hardest of all to forgive those who harm those we care about. The tigress becomes ferocious not at threats to herself, but to her cubs, and when the fury of defense has passed, the resentment can remain. (Especially if we were powerless at the time to help. Or failed to.) Often we bear grudges unasked on behalf of those who dropped them long ago, out of loyalty; out of a misplaced sense of our own righteousness.

Because it was not we who were sinned against, we can be blind to our failures to show mercy.

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