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Friday, April 11, 2003


This woman is an idiot. If anyone wonders why Republicans took control of the Georgia legislature for the first time since Reconstruction, wonder no more.

Here's the killer: Squires ... said her 9-year-old son focused on the vote with the battle emblem. "Mom, why does the governor hate black people?" she quoted him as asking.

Rather than recognizing the teaching opportunity staring her in the face, Sen. Squires chose to ignore it (perhaps because she too is childish enough to believe that only evil people can think differently than we do) and instead address the proximate cause of her obviously confused child's discomfort. For the Children™, Governor!

A facile, self-righteous thinker, a less-than-inspired mother, and (I suspect) an unproductive legislator. She does, however, know how to dissent: engage in a direct personal attack, preferably with the cameras rolling, and be as offensive as possible. (Tip for bonus points: If someone objects to being offended, explain that you were only expressing your feelings.)

The terrible thing is, her technique overrides the fact that she's probably right on the merits of the flag. (I haven't seen it.) Hard for a self-styled Democrat to argue against letting people vote directly on something without panicking and changing the subject, though.

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