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Thursday, May 29, 2003


And so the archdiocese of Atlanta has chosen to follow the lead of the West Coast bishops in transferring the Feast of the Ascension from its place on the Thursday that is the fortieth day of the Resurrection to the nearest Sunday. The reasoning – if it can be dignified as that – is that busy Americans in this post-agricultural society shouldn't be expected to practice their faith other than on Sundays.

Call it another incremental adjustment in the steady desacralization of the workweek. Call it another step in the Catholic church's continuing flight from relevance.

I'm going to have to go to an Anglican Church this evening to participate in the mass of the day for what is still called a Holy Day of Obligation.

Just pitiful.

Update: I discover at the Anglican high mass that the Preface (to the eucharistic prayer) for Ascension Day is sung to the same melody as the Exultet from the Easter vigil. That's a wonderfully designed sacramental echo and reminder as the season draws rapidly to a close - which all but a handful of Catholics don't even realize they have already lost.

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