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Tuesday, May 06, 2003


From our parochial vicar's prayers from the pulpit today: For all those whose misery is caused by others’ greed and selfishness. Yes, caused.

And how many would that actually be? Once you realize that immiseration theory (that the poor are only poor because the rich exploited them to become rich) is laughable bunk (as well as unscriptural), claims like this get examined rather than swallowed unthinkingly. Yes, I’m sure there are individuals here and there with this very problem, and they need our help and our protection … but hardly the masses of humanity he clearly supposes.

The thing is, he’s a very devout and spiritually subtle man: a penetrating exegete; an insightful confessor. Which only makes his political and economic naivete all the more distressing when it informs his preaching.

Distressing, but perhaps sadly understandable. It's difficult to know two realms well.

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