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Thursday, May 22, 2003


The Spring issue of CrossCurrents magazine has a wonderful and long-overdue cover question: Feminism: What Went Wrong? A fine and important question, that, and one that’s good to see academic theologians beginning to wrestle with.

However. According to the title article by Rita Gross, what went wrong, what has happened that
many conditions of our lives have gotten worse, not better, since the onset of feminism. After thirty years of feminism, the culture is much speedier, much more materialistic, competitive, and aggressive. More people work longer hours in more isolating and alienating conditions and friendship has become a major casualty of our lifestyle; no one has time for it. Women participate in this mad materialistic dash completely, fully. Women can do anything men can do. We can earn high salaries, work sixty or eighty hours a week, fly military airplanes, fight in the army with men …
is … wait for it …
the vision [of freedom from “the prison of gender roles”] has not been pursued in the same way by men as it has by women.
Of course.

Let’s see now. Some things are better; some things are worse. Clearly, the world isn’t perfect yet. But the problem isn’t the radical utopian project itself – surely, not that – but that we haven’t changed enough things. We’re in a hole here, so let’s dig deeper.

The basic problem with feminism is, that men stubbornly refuse to be more like women.


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