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Friday, June 13, 2003


The Bush lied meme was entirely predictable. You have to understand something about the left – especially the 60's left: the political is intensely personal, even self-defining. Great hunks of self esteem are tied up in the image of themselves as enlightened – politically, morally, socially, historically. Those who don't share this enlightenment are – by definition – benighted.

The possibility of honest disagreement between equals shakes the Enlightened Me presumption to the core, and must not be permitted. Since it is not conceptually permissible for an informed, intelligent, well-intentioned person to have a world-view that varies significantly from the self-styled leading edge, conservatives have to be delegitimized ad hominem in order to have their views invalidated (without ever actually refuting them; too much hard work). Therefore, it is axiomatic that conservatives are either stupid, ignorant, or venal – or some combination thereof. They must be. The internal logic demands it.

The Bush=moron meme was wearing thin. Even the most reality-avoidant Democrat eventually had to start wondering how this chimp of a cowboy kept consistently eating their lunch; it was starting to sag on the credibility meter. And the left has too much respect for higher education – okay, too much reliance on its credentialing and perquisites – to openly conflate ignorance and a graduate degree. Greedy had no traction. Bloodthirsty is laughable. What's left but dishonest?

Bush had to have lied, so the left's elaborately constructed self-image can remain intact.

It's all so sadly predictable.

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