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Tuesday, June 03, 2003


From today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Feds eye civil rights charges against two in Derwin Brown slaying
Federal prosecutors are seeking fresh charges against two men who were acquitted last year on murder charges in the death of DeKalb County Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown, law enforcement officials said Monday.

The prosecutors want new indictments against Melvin Walker and David Ramsey under federal civil rights laws, the law enforcement officials said. The new charges could accuse Walker and Ramsey of depriving Brown of his civil right to life, a tactic federal prosecutors have used in previous murder cases involving defendants acquitted in trials at the state level, the law enforcement officials said.

You gotta love the way civil rights legislation has become institutionalized as a workaround for effectively establishing double jeopardy for crimes with minority victims.

Unless, of course, you take civil liberties seriously.

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