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Friday, June 27, 2003


One of the amazing things about baseball is the way it continually surprises – even when you know the rhythms of the season and expect it. Suddenly, I notice that the high summer season has begun.

Since April, there have been other claims on our attention. But now, basketball's done. Hockey's over. Even Easter and its after-echoes are gone. And for the next two months, there's nothing ahead but baseball. Time to get serious, and pay serious attention. Now is when the stresses and strains, the creaks and cracks, the holes and failed hopes, show up - with (maybe) enough time to get things fixed by September.

Those out of the various pennant and (shudder) wild-card races by Labor Day will be excused to attend to football.

Now, if only the Braves could figure out how to beat the Phillies, or conserve their bullpen – or manufacture the occasional run without an extra-base hit.

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