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Monday, June 09, 2003


Welcome back to Ordinary time, all.

Some medieval monasteries observed “burying the Alleluia” on Septuagesima Sunday, symbolizing its coming absence during Lent and “resurrection” on Easter. Last night, after the ten-fold Alleluia and paschal dismissal that ends Eastertide, it struck me that a similar farewell is in order now. Not to mark a death, but a departure to normal use.

For weeks now, alleluia has been our constant companion – appended to every antiphon, part of every liturgy and prayer and commendation. “We are Alleluia men,” Augustine says, “and Alleluia is our song!” Yes – but there are other songs, and of late they've been getting crowded out. Now, there is room to breathe.

We should mark the alleluia's departure - a much-beloved house guest whose extended visit has finally come to an end – with the same (slightly guilty) relief parents feel at the end of summer when the kids go back to school and aren't constantly underfoot any more.

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