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Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Yes, I was forgetting something.
There are three other solemnities where the mass of the vigil differs from the mass of the day: John the Baptist (today), Peter and Paul (five days from now) and the Assumption.

John the Baptist is an under-appreciated figure in the West, for a number of reasons (the Orthodox keep a better understanding of his importance). Contra Noah Millman (an excellent post on another topic entirely), some really are born Nazarites – though very few – and they make us very uncomfortable. The Forerunner was the last of the Prophets – the seal of the Old Testament, if you will – and those who took his office were Apostles, like Peter and Paul, and later the Fathers: princes of the church, all. Not wandering the desert, dressed in God-knows-what.

Not so long after Constantine, a young Anthony left Alexandria for the desert ...

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