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Thursday, July 03, 2003


Cynthia Ozick on the horror that is Palestinian national culture (via Michael Totten):
In order to deprive Jews of their patrimony, Palestinians have fabricated a sectarian narrative alien to commonplace knowledge. Although the Arab invasion of Palestine did not occur until the seventh century, Palestinian Arabs are declared to be, according to activist Salah Jabr, "the descendants of civilizations that have lived in this land since the Stone Age." With equal absurdity, other such deniers of Jewish patrimony claim a Canaanite bloodline. ...

Confronted by this orgiastic deluge of fanaticism and death, there are some who would apply the term psychopathological. But it is metaphysics, not Freud, that is at stake: the life force traduced, cultism raised to a sinister spiritualism--not because the "martyrs" are said to earn paradise, but because extraordinary transformations of humane understanding are hounded into being. A Palestinian ethos of figment and fantasy has successfully infiltrated the West, particularly among intellectuals, who are always seduced by novelty. We live now with an anti-history wherein cause and effect are reversed, protection against attack is equated with the brutality of attack, existential issues are demoted or ignored--"cycle of violence" obfuscations all zealously embraced by the State Department and the European Union.

The Canaanite patrimony may be invented, but it reveals a deep and terrifying truth, disquietingly decipherable to anyone who has read Torah or Old Testament: despite their claims to worship Allah, the Palestinians are fundamentally recapitulating the child-killing cult of Moloch, dormant in the land these many centuries.

The real battles are not just metaphysical but spiritual, and there really are demons. In their pain and hatred and learned impotence, the Palestinians have resurrected one, and set it loose on the world.

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