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Monday, October 06, 2003


I'm disappointed by the Braves – but not very surprised. When you have a regular-season losing record in extra innings and in one-run games, you aren't going to win in the playoffs.

Billy Beane in Oakland has mastered a way to assemble a low-cost team that wins consistently in the regular season and folds in the playoffs; Bobby Cox has learned how to manage a high payroll team that does the same thing, year after year. It's not choking, exactly ... just falling short. I don't know what causes it: complacency, lack of hunger, lack of fear, long-term contracts, underemphasis on fundamentals, lack of that extra gear to shift into, all of the above ... But now that AOL/Time (or whatever that misbegotten conglomerate is calling itself these days) is set to pinch back on the salary tap, someone had better figure it out before the next October fade.

FWIW: the way to beat the Cubs is to get into their bullpen. In the three games Atlanta lost, Cub starting pitchers went 7 1/3, 9, and 8 innings. In the two they won, 4 2/3 and 5 2/3. Less than 3 bullpen outs per game vs 10. Word to the Fish.

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