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Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Heard an interesting formulation last night at an Advent Taize service from a female pastor:
The God of Abraham and Sarah,
of Moses and Miriam,
of Deborah and Gideon
(I think she meant to say Barak),
of Joseph and Mary ...
Look at all that's missing. Jumping directly from Judges to the New Testament: no prophets, at all. No history of Israel, no kings or kingdoms, no exile, no return. No groundedness in the stuff of life.
Of course, who's she going to use? Boaz and Ruth? David and Bathsheba? Hosea and Gomer? Esther and Mordecai? Well ... no. Not quite the male-female pairings we want to mention.

Moving on into non-scriptural times, she might have invoked
The God of Benedict and Scholastica,
of Francis and Clare,
of Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross,
of Margaret Mary and John Eudes,
of Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal,
perhaps even,
of John Paul the Great and Theresa of Calcutta ...
Ah, but those are monastics, or Counter-Reformation Catholics. Not quite the thing for a Protestant minister ...

What's most remarkable is the way those who go out of their way to be inclusive wind up leaving out great hunks of stuff because it doesn't fit their paradigm.

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