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Friday, January 16, 2004


In the period leading up to and during the American Civil War the Democrats committed themselves to an anti-war stance that was just as immoral, strident, and self-indulgent as the current anti-war movement. And they paid for it by being barred from political power by the voters for generations. From Lincoln to Herbert Hoover (inclusive) 15 men served as President of the United States, only two of whom were Democrats (Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson). The Republicans all but dominated politics everywhere except the South, where the collapse of the Southern Whigs' plantation culture and the affinity between the Copperheads and the South's regional interests led to the dominance of the Jim Crow 'Dixiecrats,' for generations. That probably saved the Democratic Party from extinction. But there is no such regional enclave today that could provide a comparable reprieve or sanctuary.(emphasis mine)

I'm not so sure about that. (The regional enclave, not the impending cliffdive.) Look at Upper Coasts and Northeast Corridor, with some strength in Great Lakes. A bi-coastal enclave of Greenicrats, with enough congressional representation and electoral votes to preserve the illusion of competitiveness. Given a successful holding action in the Black Belt of Southern Lowlands and the Brown Belt of El Norte and the occasional third party candidacy, they may even win an election or two. But not much more.

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