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Thursday, January 22, 2004


Den Beste:
[E]ven in the simplistic and reductionist case where one assumes that the only argument for invasion was concern over the threat of Iraqi WMDs, it was still correct to invade.
And in fact, that was far from the only reason why it was the right thing to do.
The entire issue is being manipulated by my leftist friends in a way which makes clear that they are creative liars. They deliberately ignore the fact that it was not just the Bush administration which thought that Iraq retained WMDs or the intention and ability to develop them; UN agencies and other nations also thought so, as did the Clinton administration. They ignore the fact that post-invasion investigations have proved that Saddam had mothballed the development effort and had every intention of restarting development if the sanctions had been lifted. In other words, even if there were no WMDs in Iraq last March when we invaded, there would eventually have been WMDs in Iraq if we had not invaded. And they egregiously ignore the fact that WMDs were not the only reason to invade, or even the most important reason.
And finally, they conflate "the utterance of falsehoods" with "lying", which is wrong, and are trying to apply deductive standards to an inductive process, which is invalid.
And that is why I characterize them as creative liars; they are making statements with the deliberate intention of deceiving. Some of what they say is true, some is false, but all of it is intended to mislead, because they know the truth and seek to obscure it.

More support for my thesis that the Bush-haters' criticisms are fundamentally driven by projection rather than external reality.

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