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Monday, January 26, 2004


Frank McGahon at Samizdata:
I thought it was interesting to hear those specific terms used to support a laissez faire position and it struck me that there is a paradox about environmentalism. That is that, while it holds that organic processes are desirable in food production and any kind of 'artificial engineering' is bad, it holds that the reverse applies to society and the economy. Capitalism has developed without a plan. Nobody had to sit down and design civil society. Yet these natural phenomena are scorned by the likes of the Green party whose underlying premise is that society should be re-engineered so that it can become 'more natural'.
Spot on. But the axiom he overlooks is that humans are not considered a part of nature. Humans and whatever humans do is un-natural or anti-natural. And nature is inhuman, or - preferred formulation - beyond humanity.

Different realms, different rules apply. Even if the systems processes are identical.

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