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Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Instapundit asks, What's Wrong With Income Inequality? Nothing - if you believe in wealth creation. But the people who rail against growing inequality fundamentally don't. On some level of awareness, they believe that wealth is basically a fixed amount, and its distribution is a zero-sum game. (Or power, or influence, or status, or health, or happiness, or freedom, or a satisfying lifestyle, or something assumed to be a direct consequence of wealth.) If someone gets more, that means everyone else gets less.

Unfortunately, this root assumption is rarely made explicit - even to themselves. It might help if they had the experience of actually creating something valuable, useful, productive, saleable themselves, rather than working at jobs where (often insubstantial) things are merely shuffled about and rearranged for the ultimate benefit of unseen others, or intangible services are provided. As the economy grows increasingly specialized and service-based, this conceptual reflex is likely to grow as well.

Sometimes, your material relationship to the mechanics of production actually does determine your economic ideology.

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