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Friday, January 09, 2004


Peggy Noonan, in OpinionJournal last week:
[S]ome of The Banners mean well and believe their efforts are constructive. They believe that assertions of religious belief are inherently divisive, that to put forward the symbols of belief is threatening to society's peace. They believe that the displaying of the symbols of one faith is an implicit denial of the beliefs of another faith. They do not think that faith is part of the answer; they think it is a big part of the problem (see fundamentalist Islam; see the protracted war in Northern Ireland). They think that if only people would stop being religious, we wouldn't have religion around roiling people's emotions and making them violent. (If you say to them, 'Man is prone to violence, and one of the things that tends to make his heart gentle is faith in God,' their eyes widen in shock: That couldn't possibly be true!)
Not the ones I know. They don't listen enough to hear and consider the thought expressed. Their eyes widen in shock, and narrow as they search for an escape route: This nutter actually believes that God stuff; she couldn't possibly have anything intelligent to say!

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