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Friday, February 20, 2004


Nelson Ascher, The Key
Thanks to European exterminationist anti-Semitism, there's probably no more legitimate state on the face of the earth than Israel, a country that derives its legitimacy from the simple fact that the Jews needed it not to be killed to the last man, woman or child by the Europeans. Thus, it is Europe's history that legitimates Israel, but Israel's existence de-legitimates Europe's [rewritten] history and, consequently, Europe's role as universal granter of legitimacy. If Europe's history has to be whitewashed so that the continent may assume its new role of pure vestal, of the only universal judge that may decide on anybody else's guilt or innocence, Israel has to be de-legitimized, because it is the living proof of European mega-criminality.
That's a paradox the Europeans won't be able to solve not even enlisting the help of all the Muslim world.
Not the key, perhaps, but certainly a. I'm beginning to think that the root causes of most irrationalities can consistently be found in projections like this. The repressed shadow always attaches to a demonized Other; then hatred of the Other energizes and revitalizes the pale, ineffectual existence you have chosen by contracting yourself to accomodate an inflated ego.

A lesson for Europeans, Arabs, and Democrats.

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