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Thursday, February 05, 2004


Roger L. Simon:
[T]he peculiar narcissism of the faux generous may tell us a lot about why we seem to be running away from responsibility in these grim times.
Running away doesn't quite capture it; I'd say in headlong flight from or in steadfast refusal of.

But, yeah; great sentence. RTWT.

Update: On third or fourth thought, it seeems that for many the issue is less a refusal of responsibility - or a tempermental response-inability - than a narrowly principled recusal from it. If there is a clear, direct national interest, America shouldn't use military force. The mere existence of a personal stake demands that we step aside. Someone else should do it.
The claim to principle ignores the presumption of and reliance on a non-existent system of shared burdens. (There is no one else.) The narrowness is revealed in the very exceptionality of the recusal. Are other nations expected to stand aside and hitch their interests to an inchoate universal sense of fairness? Does the principled one, in his daily life?

Ah, but as Wretchard observes, Only the West needs restraining because only the West is subject to original sin.

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