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Tuesday, March 09, 2004


From a comment thread at Pejmanesque:
Democrats, since the 60's, only kind of love their idea of what America should be...and since it never is that, they spend all their time apologizing for it or disciplining it. They love their own self-righteous idea of what America should be far far more than they love this actual real country and its actual real people.

Democrats, ironically enough the party of enlightened women, really remind me of the kind of bad father we have all seen: one who never praises his son, never really shows his son that he is proud of him or displays real pleasure in his existence and his life. But in the name of holding him to a higher standard, does nothing but push him, goad him, demand more and more, downplay his successes --both to him and in front of other people-- and give the kid the clear idea that Dad does not in fact love him, or even like him, because he can never live up to his impossible standard.
An insight that would have to be a profound shock to the Boomer Left, who came of political age believing that America was the strict, non-nurturing father they had to fight against. To discover now that, in another generation's eyes, they have become the very thing they so hated ...

But of course Boomers have rarely throught of themselves as the grown-ups in any relationship. What looks from the outside like a judgmental, unloving father is still, on the inside (where Boomers live), an adolescent unwilling to accept anything less than absolute perfection from others, and blissfully unaware of the consequences of words and behavior. If you know that you love your parents, even though you only talk to them to tell them that you hate them and explain exactly how stupid they are, that should be enough, right?

How dare you question my family values?

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