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Saturday, May 15, 2004

U-Turn Must Yield on Green  

Roger Scruton in City Journal, After Modernism: (RTWT)
It is one of the marvels of the modern world that human beings, having proceeded along a path that leads manifestly to error, can yet not turn back but must always exhort themselves to go further in the same direction. It is with modern architecture as it has been with socialism, sexual liberation, and a thousand other modern fads: those who defend them draw no other lesson from their failure than the thought that they have not yet gone far enough.
A marvel, but an utterly predictable one. When conclusions are arrived at through faith in immutable principles rather than evidence, evidence of failure is a spur to greater, more heroic efforts. As Carina of An Inclination to Criticize puts it,
What's it called when all of the contradictory evidence supports your conclusion again? Oh yes. Marxism.

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