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Thursday, June 24, 2004

We must decrease  

This evening I went to the Cathedral for vespers for the feast of John the Baptist, reinforcing my belief that the appropriate setting for the Liturgy of the Hours is privately, or in small groups. The psalms should be recited, or sung to simple tones that can be easily followed by everyone by the second time through.

There's a difference between proclaiming the gospel and speaking it; between performing a psalm tone and singing it. In large groups, there's an inevitable tendency to specialize, and so complicate. The psalm tones suitable for Sunday mass, where the cantor sings the verse and the congregation a simple responsory, don't suit congregational singing.

Augustine makes much, in his homily on the birth of the Forerunner, of the distinction between the Voice (John) and the Word. The cantors at the cathedral - the specialized voices - should remember that the Voice should fade when the Word takes root in the heart ...

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