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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Alternative histories  

I didn't watch much of the convention last night – the Stargate Atlantis premiere was being rerun. (I was a geek before I was a wonk, okay?) But I did see Ron Jr's love song to stem cells and the medical-industrial complex, and Theresa's ... whatever it was.

Dropping in tonight, I keep checking to see that I'm not still tuned to the Science Fiction channel. Are these people kidding me?

If I had one question to ask of the delegates in Boston, it would be What color is the sun on your home planet? If I found someone who looked both thoughtful and trustworthy, I might dare to ask Can you isolate the historical point at which our realities diverged?

Looking back, I suspect it may be when (in our timeline) President Reagan survived the assassination attempt. If the Soviet Union never collapses, Islamic terrorism still has a tight leash kept on it and remains primarily state-sponsored. And Kerry's stability-seeking, international-law-based security policy makes sense.

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