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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Every game, you see something ...  

This afternoon in Chattanooga I saw a marvelous baseball play. Greenville batting in the first inning, men on first and third, two out ... and a delayed double steal. The runner from first would have been out by ten feet, but he stopped on the basepath. The man on third broke for home as soon as the catcher threw to second, sliding in under the high throw from the startled second baseman, and the first runner resumed and arrived at second standing up. Marvelous baseball - well, except for the second baseman. I don't even blame the catcher for throwing through rather than conceding the base - two men in scoring position can make for a dangerous first inning.

It didn't hold up, of course. The Greenville starter pitched a beauty through four, but started losing it in a 22-pitch, three-run 5th. Then he came out for the 6th, and gave up another three runs. You might blame the manager for not warming up a replacement - but in the minors, you just never know if a relief pitcher is going to be an improvement or not.

Afternoon baseball has to be one of the best things there is.

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