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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Thomas and ...  

On this feast of the Magdalen, the apostle to the Apostles, thoughts are turned to the appearances immediately after the Resurrection, and so to the other bookend of the octave of Easter, Thomas. I've always wondered about the backstory of Thomas' twin: who was he? Was he even among the followers of the way? (And if not, why was Thomas known as the Twin?) But it never occurred to me until today that his twinship might have been fraternal rather than identical; Thomas' twin might not even have been a he.
We don't know anything about Mary Magdalene's backstory, either; not really. (People think they do, but there are usually reasons for traditions to be considered unreliable.) We do know that there were a number of complexly intertwined family groups among the early followers.

Just a thought.

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