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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pray for the peace of our preconceptions  

This evening at mass, during the prayers of the people, someone asked That civility and charity be restored to our politics. I’d have directed this to St Jude, patron of hopeless causes, but sometimes miracles get publicly prayed for in the general intercessions. On our way out, another parishioner was buttonholing people with pamphlets titled Form Your Conscience, Vote Your Conscience – likely anti-abortion, and hence anti-Kerry. I demurred – my conscience is sufficiently formed (or de-formed) that a trifold 8½ x11 is unlikely to re-form it much – but he tried to argue with her. Civilly, of course.

In the parking lot, I shook my head ruefully and told him, You’re asking for the miraculous, you know. He replied, I get so frustrated trying to talk to people whose minds aren't open ... maybe I should stop reading things from MoveOn ... I don't read anything from the other side, of course ... . And then he began sputtering about GTech and some deal Bush and another pol may or may not have done in Texas a decade ago (depending on whether you make some uncharitable assumptions about how corporations and politicians operate).

I suddenly realized that he’d been speaking in code. He doesn't want civility and charity in and of themselves – he wants the other guys to change their ways. I guess he assumed I was on “his side” because I let him talk and didn't interrupt to disagree.

Man, it’s going to be a long two months.

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