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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Sleepers awake  

From a comment thread on the latest posting at Belmont Club (RTWT, of course) by someone calling him[her?]self citizenofearth:
Can some wiseman explain to me how fighting Sadr is a front on the war on terror? Did Sadr issue any fatwas against me or fly planes into NYC? Is there video of him and Osama rapping about WMD? From what [I] see and hear Sadr is doing what any American would do if this country was occupied by a foreign power.
No, probably not. The problem isn't information, it's context; not a lack of reasons, but of reasoning. If you remain tied to a limited definition of the situation and can't/don't see the bigger picture, nothing will be able to change or open your mind. Sorry.

Thought experiment: replace Sadr with Saddam and occupied with being dictated to, and try to remember how many times you heard the same argument last year. Did patient explanations have any effect? Any at all?

I get so frustrated trying to have meaningful discussions with people who don't appear to be willing or able to hear what I'm saying. I want to grab and shake them, shouting Wake up! Wake the f*** up! But the sad reality is, anyone (like citizenofearth) who's still asleep has chosen to be. They had to actively, at least semi-consciously reach out on September 12 and tap the snooze button, muttering Just a little longer - the '90s were so warm and comfy - just a few minutes more to finish this dream ... All righty then. We'll go on without you. Just try not to get in the way, k?

But of course their bodies aren't immobile, and their voices aren't silent. And they are in the way, and frustrated that they're not more effective at keeping the waking - whom they regard with scornful disbelief - from acting so incomprehensibly. And I'm fairly certain that none of the sleepers will accept responsibility for the costs their obstruction imposes, or the additional blood and destruction it will take to finally rouse them.

Comment on comments: Why am I posting this here, rather than on the comment thread it came from? Because it's not really a reply, and it would be treated as an attack, which it isn't ... not really. This is just a record of another indicator of the vast gulf that separates the real Two Americas, and why trying to bridge it feels increasingly pointless. There's no need to add to the sum total of snarkiness in the world.

I have a great, nagging fear that the opening of comments at Belmont Club will do harm to the site. All of us have seen the way threads can degenerate into shouting matches or echo chambers. I can only hope that Wretchard has the time and energy to monitor things without sacrificing his wondrous writing; he, Spengler, and David Warren are the finest writer-thinkers in the blogosphere. (No disrespect to Stephen Den Beste, but his prose is an engineer's, not a poet's.) Maybe some organizational-minded soul with time to bestow will step up and handle this for him.

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