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Thursday, September 02, 2004

His party's over ...  

Day-um, Zell. In the South, politics not only ain't beanbag - it's closer to hand grenades than horseshoes. That was the most flat-out, full-throated, hounds-on-the-scent-on-a-moonlit-night, rip-snorter speech we're likely to see at a political convention for some time. Over the top? You bet. Dishonest? Not by the standards the Democrats set last year for this campaign. (The roll-call of weapons systems was just devastating.) Zell Miller was the last Jacksonian in the Democratic party, and his speech was the sound of the lights being turned out.

What's fascinated me has been the responses. War Wilsonians like Andrew Sullivan and David Adesnik are aghast. Is this guy on our side? War Hamiltonians are glad that he is.

And to those rejoicing that Miller tore the mask off conservative anger: Zell's not just a Jacksonian, he's also a legitimate Populist. You know, the ones Progressives think they can make common cause with if they can get the conversation back to economic self-interest. Are you really sure you want to make an alliance with guys like this? They might stay silent partners for a while, but now and then they'll up and say something ... and you likely won't like it a bit ...

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