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Monday, December 13, 2004

Are there stars out tonight?  

Today is the feast of Saint Lucy, the day many traditional Christians first set out lights or candles for Christmas decorations, as well as the scheduled return of the Geminid meteor showers. She (along with Cecilia and Agnes and Agatha and lesser-known others) is one of the virgin martyrs of whom nothing is known beyond her name and an accretion of legend. What's remarkable is that we still celebrate their brief lives, knowing so little of them. What was it about these girls that so struck the Roman church, that made them enduring emblems of the waves of persecutions before Constantine?

I can only guess, from the perspective of centuries, that it was the very profligacy of their self-sacrifice. What is so full of life as a young girl just coming into her womanhood? If the prodigal son, throwing away his father's wealth, deserves a parable of his own, what of a girl casting away life and love and children and the entire world, on what seemed folly to the Greeks and madness to the Romans?

Something to ponder, in these days that combine the church's season of preparation and the world's 40 day feast of consumption, stretching from Thanksgiving to New Year's. It takes a curious double vision to live in both these calendars at once, but that is what we are surely called to do.

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